First Annual Hunger Games
Arena games 1
Arena of the First Annual THGM ~ Roleplay
Information on Games
Arena Beach/Forrest
Victor Claire Bandee
Runner-Up Lachie Sirius
Length 6 Days
Gamemaker/s Mockingjay

""Good luck!" Gamemaker Mockingjays voice boomed around the arena, "and may the odds be ever in your favour.""
—GM Mockingjay

The First Annual Hunger Games started on the 24th October, 2012 and finished on the 29th October, 2012. Claire Bandee was crowned as Victor after defeating Lachie Sirius and Chris Edkins in the finale, earning herself a direct spot into the Second Annual Hunger Games. 

The Sign-Up Sheets were posted on the 19th October, 2012, taking the games 5 days to get to the bloodbath. There were 23 participants, as a tribute had to drop-out in the lead-up to the games, last minute.

Lead-up to the Games

The sign-up sheet to the games was posted on the 19th of October, and within a day, Gamemaker Mockingjay had filled all 24 positions, with many people applying to be in the inaugural games. 

The Reapings were posted on the 20th of October, the same day that the positions were finalised. In the Reapings, Tributes were told that there would be no volunteers in the inaugural games, and that every tribute was reaped.   
"Throughout the country of Panem, 12 districts are working hard to make the 1st annual Hunger Games a success. A reaping of each of the twelve districts is being conducted today - so that two courageous tributes can represent their district to fight to the death in the Hunger Games - an annual event that displays the sacrifice made to reform the Capitol and it's districts. A lone victor shall come forth - representing the Capitol's generosity and forgiveness. As representatives from the Capitol go forward to each district of Panem to deliver a speech and reap 2 tributes to bring back to our care, the tributes suffer from a great deal of distress and anxiety. There will be no volunteers this year. The reaping of District 1 will begin shortly. "
—Gamemaker Mockingjay

On the 21st of October, the Train Ride, Training and Chariot ride role plays were all posted. It was then announced that each tribute was to be awarded with 1 additional token for each Roleplay that they completed. All three roleplays had a high percentage of tributes roleplaying them, with all who roleplayed getting +1 tokens, something would come very handy once the games began.

Four tributes dropped out of the games on the 22nd of October, so they were replaced. With a District 5, 7, 10 and 12 place coming up for grabs, they were all snatched up within a matter of hours, with all replacements ready to go. They had to do what they had missed out on, such as Roleplay their reaping, training, train ride and chariot. This day was also known for being the day when the Tributes did their interviews. 

Private Training

On the 22nd of October, the post for Private Training was posted, and explained that the score you got /12 would reflect on the amount of tokens you received in the arena. This would be the most important RP to date, as not only would it reflect on your tokens, but it would also distinguish the best from the worst and the threat from the meat. 

"IT'S TIME FOR PRIVATE TRAINING. You can either message me or post here! Include your strengths - you can RP doing whatever you like. Your RP will be judged on length, vocabulary, description, etc - good luck! Whatever training score you get will reflect upon the amount of tokens you get (/12)."
—GM Mockingjay

The Private Training scores for the tributes were as follows;

11 - Claire Bandee (D1) & Emma Besenfeld (D9)

10 - Brighde Bean-Erin (D3), Ethan Twohill (D6), Avonlea Hastings (D8) & Maya Polaschek (D11)

9 - Chris Edkins (D1), Will Radford (D1), Michaela Sandberg (D7), Jeramy Dimson (D4) & Catherine Jones (D11)

8 - Becky Courtney (D2), Stephen Insalaco (D3), Lachie Sirius (D5), Abbie Drum (D6), Becs Baldago (D6), Izzy Viola (D10) & Megan Macapinac (D11)

7 - Jayce Santoro (D5), Akash Saha (D8) & Dallas Braxton (D10)

N/A - Phoebe Teo (D4) & Lucy Renz (D12)

Day One - The Bloodbath

""Good luck!" Game Maker Mockingjay's voice boomed around the arena, "and may the odds be ever in your favour."
—GM Mockingjay

The Bloodbath started with Claire Bandee being the first to RP, with her alliance close to follow. Her alliance was the strongest to start the games, with many of them already being thought of as threats. This earnt them the immediate tag of the Career alliance, and as the games went on, it was clear to everyone why.

The day started slowly, with many tributes running straight out of the Cornucopia and heading for safety, including the Careers and many of the smaller alliances. The day was going so slow and paced that Gamemaker Mockingjay attempted to spice the games up with a lion mutt, however this was killed immediately by Emma Besenfelder, from District 9. 

After the death of the mutt, Mockingjay sent down two packages to the arena, with Claire collecting one of them, The first minor argument among tributes of the games was started when Abbie felt obliged to comment on Emma's offline tactics. However, nothing became of it and the games was still as slow as ever with no tributes even having been attacked by a fellow tribute. 

However, the first attack of the Games was created when Megan Macapinac (D11) was attacked by Avonlea Hastings (D8), who was part of the Careers alliance. Quickly, the rest of the alliance followed suit and Megan was decapitated by Claire, making her the first casualty of the games. 

Soon after, Day 1 was closed, meaning their was surprisingly only the one kill on the opening day of the First Annual THGM ~ Roleplay.

Day Two

"Only one person among the 23 tributes has died so far. There are huge alliances, who will win? Welcome to day 2 of the Hunger Games!"
—GM Mockingjay

Day Two started very quickly, with Ethan Twohill (D2) opening the day with his RP, only to be quickly attacked by Claire, while this was happening Becky Courtney (D2) also RP'd, and she too was attacked by Claire. Claire's alliance followed suit and soon after Becky was the second casualty of the games (courtesy of Avonlea), and Ethan was the third death with Claire killing him, to mark her second kill and her alliances third, in what was a fast way to open the second day of the games.

Not long after Becky and Ethan's death, Akash Saha (D8) was also attacked by Claire's alliance, with Claire, Avon and Jayce Santoro (D5) attacking him. Avonlea soon took her second kill of the games, killing and looting Akash, making him the fourth death of the games. 

After three quick deaths in succession to open the day, Mockingjay attempted to give Claire and Jayce a challenge by sending tracker jackers after them. However, the two quickly killed the tracker jackers using their swords. 

Brighde Bean-Erin (D3) was then the first tribute to initiate an attack on the Career alliance, attacking Jayce with her mace, however she was then made of an example on what happens to those who try to take on the alliance solo, dying as Claire, Avon and Chris Edkins (D1) all came online to defend their ally. Bridghde was the fifth death of the games and the fourth of the 2nd day. 

The Gamemakers tried to create some action with Tracker Jackers being released on Jeramy Dimson (D4), however he very quickly killed them. Jeramy recieved a pack, which contained more Tracker Jackers, however these could be used at his free will to set on whoever he chooses. 

After a bit of dialogue between Abbie Drum (D6) and Stephen Insalaco (D3), Lucy Renz (D12) joined them, however Stephen attacked her with his sword and Abbie also attacked her, Lucy was soon dead at the hands of these two, being the first tribute killed that wasn't because of the Career alliance.

At the end of the day, Phoebe Teo (D4) planned to have herself murdered by Claire, and the plan was followed through with Claire earning herself another kill, in what was an impressive yet gory way to end the day.

Day 2 was closed, in what was an action packed day, six tributes were attacked and murdered, five of which were at the hands of the Career's alliance.

Day Three

"...and then there were 16. After six deaths on the second day, there have also been other dramatic events; such as the loss of allies, betrayal, and even Jeramy's lethal tracker jackers. Welcome to day 3 of the Hunger Games! - Today is the day where nobody is safe. In tile M, there are 2 x antidotes waiting in the cornucopia. You can only take one each - I advise that you do!"
—GM Mockingjay

Day Three started with the Career alliance being the first to RP, all in the alliance eating and drinking before anyone else had roleplayed. 

Due to the lack of movement among the tributes, GM Mockingjay sends out three packs, with Lachie Sirius (D5) collecting one of them quickly, moving past the Career alliance yet steering clear of an attack. Dallas Braxton (D9) also collected a pack, receiving a sword, tent and a rope. After Dallas opened his pack, he was then attacked by Claire, Chris and Avonlea with Chris having the final say, killing Dallas and looting his body. Dallas was pronounced dead by the sound of a cannon, being the eighth casualty in the games. However, the three tributes then were in danger of an ambush.

Jeramy Dimson sent his tracker jackers that he received from GM Mockingjay on Day 2 towards Claire, almost killing her, however Chris jumped in front of her just in time saving her life. There was confusion as to whether or not this was aloud however GM Mockingjay allowed it and Claire continued her time in the arena. Jeramy and Emma then go to a water-filled tile to give themself some space between themselves and the other alliances. Emma received a pack which included two water bottles and a spear.

After Will Radford (D1) and Claire have a conversation, Emma steps into their tile and attempts an attack on the Career alliance, however Will and Claire quickly kill Emma with Will having the last shot and Emma, an early favourite of the games, became the nine death in the arena. 

Izzy Viola (D10) and Abbie have a fight before briefly becoming allies, however, Abbie quickly went back on her word, killing Izzy just before Day Three finished. 

At the conclusion of Day Three, three tributes had been killed. With 11 tributes remaining, the race was wide open to see who would become the first Victor of the games.

Day Four

"...and then there were 12. Day 3 of the Hunger Games saw many events, such as the death of two of the most competitive tributes, and even a death of a solo tribute. Today will be more eventful than ever before, with 3 tributes: Sirius/Lachie, Becs and Jeramy all being poisoned. The reason being is that the sea water has been poisoned all along - and those who drink or touch it were to be poisoned. Regular antidote cannot be purchased or bought; however, there will be ONE available for purchase, by ONE tribute only, for a whopping 5 tokens. There will be another antidote available at the Cornucopia (cannot be taken by a non-poisoned tribute). Poisoned tributes will lost 30HP initially, and 30HP for everyday they aren't cured - a real burden. With only half of the tributes left, it's safe to say that tributes should expect even more plot-twists from this point on. Let's just say... it'll be a wave."
—~GM Mockingjay

Day Four started with a huge plot twist, with the sea water that many had been drinking out of, being pronounced as poisoned. Three tributes were directly impacted by this, Lachie Sirius, Becs and Jeramy, all having drunk out of the water during some course of the games. There was only two antidotes available for the three tributes, one in the Cornucopia and one that could be bought for five tokens. 

Lachie Sirius was quick to purchase the antidote, for the hefty price of five tokens. He was quickly cured, however the Gamemakers became increasingly frustrated at the lack of movement. Maya Polaschek (D11) itched her nose, for comedic purposes, however, the Career alliance quickly took advatage of this and Claire and Chris attacked her. After Maya was briefly safe from attack, Chris ran into her tile and beheaded her, and looted her items. Her death marked the significance of only 10 tributes left in the Arena.

After Michaela Sandberg (D7) Roleplayed, Lachie Sirius attacked her, an unprecedented attack for a tribute who had rarely even been in the same tile as another tribute. However, Michaela went offline and Lachie Sirius soon took his first victim and received all her items. Soon after, Lachie Sirius was attacked by fellow district member, Jayce, however, due to an emergency Lachie Sirius was put offline by GM Mockingjay. 

Soon after, GM Mockingjay unleashed the Mockingdragon. The Mockingdragon had 30 damage, so it was costly if it attacked you. It was a mutt that was controlled by dead tribute, Emma Besenfelder. While the Mockingdragon attacked, Jeramy took advantage of this and ran into the Career alliances tile (minus Jayce and Chris) and Jeramy attacked Will. In what was to be known as 'The Battle of the Mockingdragon,' there was six tributes attacking, Jeramy, Abbie and Becs against Will, Claire and Avonlea. The first casualty of the battle was Will who was the first to be attacked, the next dead was Jeramy. After GM Mockingjay briefly paused the fight, Abbie was killed by Avonlea. Becs was then tied to a tree and burnt to death by Claire, this was a huge change in the games, with four tributes quickly dying. This meant that there was only 6 tributes left in the Arena.

Stephen RP's getting food but was then attacked by Claire, he died soon after. Stephen marked the end an alliance, and it soon became the Career's against Lachie Sirius, a truth that was destined to be a huge disadvantage to the Foxfaced tacticted lone ranger. 

Day Four ended, and would soon be remembered as the fiercest day in The Hunger Games history, with six deaths. At the conclusion of the day, the Final Five had been decided, Claire Bandee (D2), Chris Edkins (D1), Avonlea Hastings (D8), Jayce Santoro (D5) and Lachie Sirius (D5).

Day Five

"A huge tsunami crosses over the arena. The tsunami floods many of the tiles, making them unavailable. The weather is ferocious and ominous - it consumes all of the tributes. In the event of the tsunami, the tributes are washed up to the tiles that are available, and they lose several of their supplies, weapons, and tokens in the process. Only 5 tributes remain, basically with an equal chance of victory. Who will win the First Annual Hunger Games?"
—GM Mockingjay

The Arena on Day 5, after the Tsunami.

Day 5 started with a massive Tsunami across the arena, which swept the remaining 5 tributes into the last nine tiles left on the board. The tributes all lose a considerable amount of supplies, tokens and weapons. The Career alliance was still in tact, with four left and only one other person still alive.

Chris and Claire joined each other in Tile R, certifying their alliance. Soon, Avonlea joined them, however, she quickly found out the true meaning of THGM ~ Roleplay with both Chris and Claire attacking her with Claire taking the final stab, making it the Final Four. 

Jayce then runs to Tile Q to attack Claire, who has moved there, and soon Chris joins them. Both Chris and Claire attack Jayce, to the point of almost death. Jayce has no other option but to run to Tile V, thinking he is out of harms way, however Chris uses his transporter to transport both Claire and himself to Tile V, where they eventually killed Jayce. Lachie then RP's once he was out of harms way, tactically picking his moment. 

At the conclusion of Day 5, the finale was set. Chris, Claire or Lachie would be the winner in just under 24 hours, all with an equal opportunity in the finale.

Day Six - The Finale

"The Gamemakers place packages in the corucopia for each of the tributes; the feast for finale. The three remaining tributes sprint to the cornucopia for their supplies, and a forcefield emerges from the edges of tile M - the rest is unavailable. After the death of 20 strong and courageous tributes, day 6 sees the last of them battle it out, for the title of being the victor of the first Annual Hunger Games!"
—GM Mockingjay

On Day Six, the tributes supplies and weapons were taken away from them and placed in the Cornucopia, meaning there would be a victor on Day 6. It would either be the frontrunner Claire Bandee, the intelligent Lachie Sirius or the ever-so dangerous Chris Edkins.

Chris was the first to make his move but was quickly attacked by both Claire and Lachie, dealing himself a certain death. It would be a race to whoever could kill Chris, because whoever did would almost certainly be crowned the Victor. Claire beheaded Chris and looted him, meaning she was the clear favourite to win the inaugural Hunger Games. Both Lachie and Claire had a physical fight yet joked with each other throughout it, "Rib for Rib?" Joked Claire. Lachie knew, however, that his days were up, he would soon die.

"This is it my last couple of seconds alive, I look into the sky, whisper I quiet, 'I love you mum and dad' and throw my sword at Claire hitting her in the stomach. (35) She says she's sorry, I believe it, but she's going to win this. I hope to god that my family is looked after this Hunger Games. This is the first time in at least seven years that a District Five tribute has made it this far. "Congratulations," I whisper to Claire, she's about to deal the final blow, this is my swan song. My life flashes before my eyes, but the last few seconds go as slow as ever..."
—Lachie Sirius (D5)

Claire Bandee quickly gave Lachie his final moment and then killed him with her sword. She was then crowned the Victor of the First Annual THGM ~ Roleplay.

"I throw the sword and the tokens away. "I'VE WON!" I shout. "I'M GOING HOME!" I jump around a bit then have to stop due to my injuries. I blow kisses to the sky, meant for my mum, dad and two brothers; meant for my friends; my district."
Claire Bandee (Victor)
"BOOM, the canon fires for the last time - Lachie is dead. The Capitol cheers, while District Two celebrates the victory of District Two's tribute; another career - not surprising. The hovercraft escorts Claire back to the Capitol, where she gives her final interviews with Caesar, before returning home to her loved ones, who move out into the Victor's Village of D2."
—GM Mockingjay

Post Games

"After the fight, I'm taken to the Capitol for the last of the interviews. On the train, I think of home. I'm truly happy. I get to see everyone again! It arrives and I sprint off. I'm greeted by a crowd of District Two's. I stand there and bow, and wave (and cry). I claw through the crowd and run to my family and hug them all. "You did it!" is all I can hear from my dad. After about 20 minutes of hugging, crying, screaming and repeating that process, there is a celebration in the square of District Two - where the reaping was held. I go home to the Victor's Village afterwards and collapse into a deep sleep."
Claire Bandee, Home

Claire returns home to District Two, where she moves into the Victors Village. She goes on her Victory Tour, where in District Six, she mets someone and moves there. However, the Capitol told Claire that if she was to move there, she would be eligible to compete in the Second Annual Hunger Games. She eventually volunteers for the games, for a twelve year old boy, entering the Hunger Games for the second time in a row.